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June 13, 2018
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•  New Grease Gun Caution
•  How to Choose an Oil Analysis Lab
•  Where to Sample on a Diesel Engine
•  2 Ways to Solve Wear Problems
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New Grease Gun Caution
Before installing grease into a new grease gun, consider disassembling the gun and cleaning it thoroughly. I have found metal shavings numerous times in different brands of new grease guns. The metal shavings appear to be from the manufacturing process of the grease gun. (John Flynn, RJ Reynolds Tobacco Co.)
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Precision Sheave/Pulley Alignment
Precision Sheave/Pulley Alignment
Set tolerances, measure misalignment, make horizontal and vertical positional adjustments in real time plus document the alignment results with Easy-Laser® XT190
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How to Choose an Oil Analysis Lab
How to Choose an Oil Analysis Lab
Often the steps involved in selecting an oil analysis laboratory are guided by the wrong motivations. Discover which factors you should consider and why your end goal can provide help with these important decisions.
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Learn on Your Own Time with Noria Online Training
Learn on Your Own Time with Noria Online Training
Want to expand your skills but need flexibility? Noria's online training is for you. Our self-paced courses, which include Machinery Lubrication I & II, allow you to gain valuable knowledge without sacrificing time and money.
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Where to Sample on a Diesel Engine
     Question: On a diesel engine, where would the best sample point be?
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Luneta Announces its Product Catalog
Luneta Announces its Product Catalog
Interested in seeing all of Luneta's product offerings in one place? Download the new Luneta product catalog! It features all of Luneta's products, including specifications and related accessories for each item.
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2 Ways to Solve Wear Problems
From "Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting":

Wear failures differ from many other types of failures, such as fatigue, because wear takes place over a period of time. Seldom does the part suddenly cease to function properly. In most instances, wear problems are solved by two approaches: the service conditions are altered to provide a less destructive environment, or materials more wear resistant for the specific operating conditions are selected. Because the latter method is easier and less expensive, it is chosen more frequently. 
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Think Oil Heating Up Is No Big Deal? Think Again
Think Oil Heating Up Is No Big Deal? Think Again
Extended high-heat exposure can cause a phenomenon that permanently ruins oil viscosity, which in turn can result in quickly escalating (and often catastrophic) wear. What is the name of this phenomenon?
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Poll: Setting Cleanliness Targets?
     Poll Question: Does your plant set cleanliness targets for machine reliability?
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White Papers
•  Addressing Challenges of Online Monitoring
•  Do OEM Lubricant Recommendations Meet Your Needs?
•  How to Cost Justify a Lubrication Program
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•  Automatic Lubrication
•  Grease Guns
•  Fuel Dilution
•  Oil Flushing
•  Preventive Maintenance
•  Synthetic Lubricants
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