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October 17, 2018
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•  How Contaminants Affect Additives
•  Selecting High-temperature Lubes
•  Risks Associated with Synthetics
•  Causes of Wear Metal in Oil
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How Contaminants Affect Additives
Particle contamination in a lubricating or hydraulic system is widely known as one of the most devastating contaminants. One effect of particle contamination that is rarely discussed is additive leaching. Many additives attach to particles and are removed along with the particle by filtration.
Join us in St. Louis on Oct. 23-25 for Machinery Lubrication I training.
Grease Bearings Right with Acoustic Lubrication
Grease Bearings Right with Acoustic Lubrication
LUBExpert onboard greasing assistant advises lube-techs to use the right grease type and gun, guides them to the right location, at the right interval, and instructs them to inject the right amount —preventing over and under lubrication.
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Selecting High-temperature Lubes
Selecting High-temperature Lubes
Many processes require machines to operate at high temperatures. These applications demand special lubricants that can handle extreme temperatures by maintaining their properties, keeping the system clean and providing a reasonable service life.
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Detecting Contaminants with Oil Analysis
Detecting Contaminants with Oil Analysis
Lost revenue due to equipment downtime is often a direct result of some type of contamination, whether from dirt, water, an incorrect lubricant.  Oil analysis testing by Lubewatch from Chevron can identify these contaminants and offer huge returns on your investment. 
Learn how.
Risks Associated with Synthetics
     Question: Which types of synthetics are at risk for water-induced degradation called hydrolysis?
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The Hub: A Multiport Adapter for All Machines
The Hub: A Multiport Adapter for All Machines
Looking for a safe and easy way to pull oil samples, attach quick-connects or monitor oil conditions from machine drain ports? Sounds like you need Luneta's Hub: a multiport adapter for all machines.
Check out the Hub
Causes of Wear Metal in Oil
Causes of Wear Metal in Oil
Generally, there are two primary causes of high metal levels in oil analysis. The first is related to the sampling procedures. The second is associated with the actual wear metal levels.
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Better Troubleshooting in Machinery Lubrication II
Better Troubleshooting in Machinery Lubrication II
Want data-informed decisions or better condition-based monitoring? Expanding on concepts introduced in Machinery Lubrication I, Machinery Lubrication II has everything you need to troubleshoot failures before they happen.
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Poll: Are Overheating Gearboxes a Problem?
     Poll Question: Has overheating been a problem for any gearboxes at your plant?
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•  The 50 Failure Modes of Electric Motors
•  3 Reasons Routes for Predictive Maintenance Programs May Be Dead
•  Proper Oil Maintenance and The Price of Reliability vs The Cost of Reliability
•  The Proof Is in the Performance
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•  Oil Oxidation
•  Wear Debris Analysis
•  Lubrication Programs
•  Grease Compatibility
•  Maintenance And Reliability
•  Turbine Lubrication
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