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February 06, 2019
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•  Advice for Checking Temperature
•  Troubleshooting Hydraulic Systems
•  How Oil Age Affects a Base Number
•  Identifying Oil's Saturation Point
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Advice for Checking Temperature
In time-critical situations where real-time infrared thermography is impractical and thermocouple/recording equipment cannot be installed, consider temperature-sensitive tapes. These tapes are manufactured in a variety of sensing ranges and will clearly record the peak temperature that a machine area reached since the tape was first applied. A quick visual check is all it takes to read the "paper thermometer." (Mark Smith, Analysts Inc.)
Join us in San Diego on Feb. 19-21 for Machinery Lubrication I training.
Discover All of Luneta's Products
Discover All of Luneta's Products
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Troubleshooting Hydraulic Systems
Troubleshooting Hydraulic Systems
By troubleshooting hydraulic systems that utilize proportional valves, you can avoid lost production time as well as the unnecessary expense of sending off good valves for repair. Follow these steps before you remove any valves from your systems.
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Get a Leg Up in Oil Analysis
Get a Leg Up in Oil Analysis
Rather than trying to decipher lab results, let them confirm what you already know from your own analysis. Oil Analysis II helps you identify particles and contaminants in your oil and pinpoint problems deep in your machines.
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How Oil Age Affects a Base Number
     Question: A base number will typically increase or decrease as the oil ages?
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Ditch Reactive "Band-Aid" Maintenance Once and For All
Ditch Reactive
Shifting from reactive to proactive maintenance takes tremendous time and effort if you try to go it alone. Noria can design effective procedures for your team in a matter of weeks and help you implement and improve faster.
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Identifying Oil's Saturation Point
Identifying Oil's Saturation Point
The saturation point is the maximum amount of dissolved water an oil will hold. It is dependent on temperature. Discover why it is usually best to stay within the saturation point when monitoring moisture levels.
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Solve the Mystery Behind Oil Analysis Reports
Solve the Mystery Behind Oil Analysis Reports
Are you able to interpret and translate your oil analysis reports into useful action? Eliminate guesswork and obtain strategies for implementing maintenance decisions with the Oil Analysis Report Interpretation Workshop.
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Poll: Having Problems with Oil Foaming?
     Poll Question: Has foaming been a problem for the oil used in the machines at your plant?
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White Papers
•  How Can a Remote Monitoring Platform Revamp Your PdM Process?
•  Gas Turbine Alignment in Less Than an Hour with the ROTALIGN Touch
•  Detection of Abnormal Wear Particles in Hydraulic Fluids via Electromagnetic Sensor and Particle Imaging Technologies
•  Three Steps to an Effective Contamination Control Program
Explore Topics
•  Electric Motor Lubrication
•  Food Grade Lubricants
•  Oil Filters
•  Lubricant Sampling
•  Case Studies
•  Water In Oil
Noria Training Calendar
Machinery Lubrication I
February 19-21 - San Diego, CA
Oil Analysis II
February 19-21 - San Diego, CA
MARCH 2019
Machinery Lubrication I
March 19-21 - Charlotte, NC
Oil Analysis Report Interpretation
March 19-20 - Charlotte, NC

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