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September 11, 2019
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•  Quick Fix Prevents Messy Error
•  Why Track a Lubricant's Journey
•  Identifying Maintenance Strategies
•  How to Protect Grease Fittings
•  Recognizing Gear Wear Modes
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Quick Fix Prevents Messy Error
We've had several gearboxes supplied from the manufacturer with a breather that is basically a pipe plug with a hole drilled in it. If a less experienced craftsman rebuilds a gearbox and switches the drain plug with the breather plug, an oil leak mess is the result. On many gearboxes, we've replaced these orifice breathers with particulate filter breathers. On gearboxes that still have the pipe plug breather, we've painted the breather plug a different color so it is easy to see. This helps ensure the plugs are in the correct locations. (Bill Jacobyansky, Guardian Industries)
Join us in Portland, Oregon, on Sept. 17-19 for Machinery Lubrication I training.
Visual Oil Inspection Tools for any Application
Visual Oil Inspection Tools for any Application
Retrofit your entire plant with Visual Oil Inspection products that monitor the health and level of your lubricants.  Solutions and sizes for virtually any piece of equipment that has a drain or port.
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Why Track a Lubricant's Journey
Why Track a Lubricant's Journey
By following the path of a lubricant from arrival through its life cycle, this article will reveal how every step along the way offers the chance to implement best practices that will mitigate the risks of contamination.
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How did these manufacturers improve plant performance?
How did these manufacturers improve plant performance?
If you want to improve plant performance, improve your lubricant. This brief white paper shows you how different manufacturers extended asset life, reduced downtime, and cut maintenance costs in the harshest conditions–all by switching lubricants.
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Identifying Maintenance Strategies
     Question: What are the four maintenance strategies generally seen in industry?
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Learn on Your Own Time with Noria Online Training
Learn on Your Own Time with Noria Online Training
Want to expand your skills but need flexibility? Noria's online training is for you. Our self-paced courses, which include Machinery Lubrication I & II, allow you to gain valuable knowledge without sacrificing time and money.
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How to Protect Grease Fittings
How to Protect Grease Fittings
Solid contaminant ingression in bearings is an uphill battle for many facilities. Particles can enter through seals or grease fittings. Learn strategies to help protect grease fittings between relubrication activities.
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Have You Explored the Noria Academy App?
Have You Explored the Noria Academy App?
Designed to increase knowledge retention and create an innovative student experience, the Noria Academy app has all the tools for certification preparation. Get the app today with purchase of any Noria certification course.
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Recognizing Gear Wear Modes
From the "Wear Particle Atlas":

Scuffing of gears is caused by too high a load and/or speed. Excessive heat generation breaks down the lubricant film and causes adhesion of the mating gear teeth. Roughening of the wear surfaces ensues with a subsequent increase in the wear rate. The regions of the gear teeth affected are between the pitch line and both the gear root and tip. Once initiated, scuffing usually affects each tooth on a gear, resulting in a large volume of wear debris.
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White Papers
•  Hear Failure From Miles Away
•  Industrial Vibration Sensor Selection Made Easy
•  The Trifecta of Motor Maintenance
•  How to Cost Justify a Lubrication Program
Explore Topics
•  Greases
•  Bio-Based Lubricants
•  Particle Counting
•  Industrial Lubricants
•  Viscosity
•  Oil Changes
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