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October 09, 2019
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•  Check Gear Reducers for Moisture
•  10 Ways to Test Hydraulic Systems
•  Most Common Wear Modes
•  How to Choose a Filter Cart
•  Controlling Lubricant Degradation
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Check Gear Reducers for Moisture
If you have a reducer that is water-cooled and the water temperature is too cold, it could condense and put water in the oil. If you notice the gear reducer sweating or water on the floor or on the cooling water lines going into the gear reducer, you probably have water in the gear reducer. When you find this problem, first increase the temperature until the water lines quit sweating. Second, perform oil analysis on the reducer and check for water. If this issue isn't corrected, it could be catastrophic. (Hack Hensley, Mitsubishi Polyester Film LLC)
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How Did These Manufacturers Improve Plant Performance?
How Did These Manufacturers Improve Plant Performance?
If you want to improve plant performance, improve your lubricant. This brief white paper shows you how different manufacturers extended asset life, reduced downtime, and cut maintenance costs in the harshest conditions–all by switching lubricants.
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10 Ways to Test Hydraulic Systems
10 Ways to Test Hydraulic Systems
An infrared camera is one of the best tools for performing reliability tests on a hydraulic system. By regularly conducting these 10 tests, you may find a faulty component before it shuts down the machine.
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Coolant Freeze Point Calculator
Coolant Freeze Point Calculator
Getting your coolant mix right is the key to ensuring your engine has optimal freeze and boil protection. After taking a quick reading with your own antifreeze tester, you can adjust your mix by using Chevron’s calculator to determine the recommended amount of coolant you need to drain and replace with antifreeze or water.
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Most Common Wear Modes
     Question: What are the most common wear modes in machinery?
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Attend for Your Chance to WIN A SEA-DOO!
Attend for Your Chance to WIN A SEA-DOO!
Hailed as the most playful, compact, fuel-efficient and lightweight watercraft in the industry, the Spark is fun to ride and easy to tow with a small car. The first step? Register now for Machinery Lubrication 2019.
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How to Choose a Filter Cart
How to Choose a Filter Cart
There are many filter cart suppliers to choose from, and not all are of the same quality. Discover how a filter cart can be a crucial component to meeting your cleanliness goals but must be used correctly to be effective.
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Oil Oxidation: Don't Let It Catch You Off Guard
Oil Oxidation: Don't Let It Catch You Off Guard
An oil's oxidation rate isn't a constant. Certain environmental factors can have a pronounced effect on the rate at which oxidation occurs. What are two of the largest oxidation catalysts that are commonly encountered?
And the Answer Is
Controlling Lubricant Degradation
From "Automotive Lubricants and Testing":

Since World War II, lubricant development has been driven by the automotive industries, initially for North America and Western Europe and now increasingly on a global level. The plain fact is that lubricant performance specifications set out to limit the extent of degradation in use, but their supporting tests have developed differently across separate continents. Convergence toward a unified system is now occurring for the three major lubricant performance specification systems.
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White Papers
•  Understanding the Lubrication Challenges of Aging Assets
•  Mine Saves Two Workdays During Time-Critical Shutdown
•  High Viscosity Filter Elements to Maintain Oil Cleanliness
•  De-Mystifying Varnish - An Update
Explore Topics
•  Lubricant Storage And Handling
•  Compressor Lubrication
•  Filter Carts
•  Onsite Oil Analysis
•  Contamination Control
•  Bearing Lubrication
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