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November 06, 2019
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•  Advice for Greasing Bearings
•  Using Procedure-based Maintenance
•  Finding the Best Sampling Location
•  Tips for Better Oil Filtration
•  3 Keys for Bearing Lubrication
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Advice for Greasing Bearings
If you already use vibration-monitoring equipment with "spike energy" or other high-frequency detection technology, you can optimize the quantity of grease added to a bearing by running your monitoring equipment while adding grease. When the overall level of the signal drops suddenly and noticeably, grease has reached the bearing. Stop adding more. Using this approach saves those on limited budgets from having to buy additional specialized greasing equipment with monitoring ability. (Brian Mann, ConocoPhillips)
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Keep Your Grease Clean and Contaminant Free
Keep Your Grease Clean and Contaminant Free
Biederman plastic grease cartridge is the #1 choice in the marketplace for over 25 years. With a secure easy-pull aluminium end and durable body, our cartridges will keep your grease and toolbox clean.
Make the Switch to Biederman
Using Procedure-based Maintenance
Using Procedure-based Maintenance
Procedure-based maintenance is used by many industries that require high uptime, such as nuclear power and aviation. However, just because these industries use it doesn't mean you can't. Find out what you need to get started.
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SDT LUBExpert - Grease Bearings Right
SDT LUBExpert - Grease Bearings Right
The SDT LUBExpert, with its on-board lubrication algorithm, helps you Grease Bearings Right.  Embedded artificial intelligence thinks with, and for the lube tech at all steps of the grease replenishment task. LUBExpert employs expert logic to overcome the many challenges that threaten Lubrication Excellence.
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Finding the Best Sampling Location
     Question: What would be the best sample location on a return line?
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Bubbles Aren't as Harmless as They Look
Bubbles Aren't as Harmless as They Look
Bubbles may seem like nothing to worry about, but they can make otherwise healthy hydraulic fluid ineffective by causing damaging wear. What type of wear is caused by bubbles?
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Tips for Better Oil Filtration
Tips for Better Oil Filtration
The cleaner you keep your hydraulic systems, the better chance you will have of uninterrupted machine operation. Discover what actions you can take if your system's cleanliness level is not what's expected or desired.
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Identify What Needs to Change & How to Make it Happen
Identify What Needs to Change & How to Make it Happen
Good lubrication practices can save companies millions, but the specific changes needed aren’t always clear. Noria’s Lubrication Program Development includes everything from inspections to suggested equipment and procedures.
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3 Keys for Bearing Lubrication
From "Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting":
When searching for the reason why the lubricant did not perform, one must consider first its properties; second, the quantity applied to the bearing; and third, the operating conditions. These three concepts comprise the adequacy of lubrication. If any one concept does not meet requirements, the bearing can be said to have failed from inadequate lubrication.
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White Papers
•  The Cost Effective Benefits of a High Performance Kidney Loop System
•  Induction Heating Procedure - Bearing Mounting
•  3 Approaches to Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication
•  Understanding How Dirt and Water Affect Lubricants
Explore Topics
•  Automatic Lubrication
•  Grease Guns
•  Fuel Dilution
•  Oil Flushing
•  Preventive Maintenance
•  Synthetic Lubricants
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