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February 12, 2020
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•  Rule of Thumb for Selecting Oils
•  High Mileage Oil: A Practical Guide
•  Limits for Storing Grease Onsite
•  Tips for Better Grease Lubrication
•  How Heat Affects Lubrication
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Rule of Thumb for Selecting Oils
The pour point is the lowest temperature at which an oil will flow. This property is crucial for oils that must flow at low temperatures. A commonly used rule of thumb when selecting oils is to ensure that the pour point is at least 10 degrees C (20 degrees F) below the lowest anticipated ambient temperature.
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High Mileage Oil: A Practical Guide
High Mileage Oil: A Practical Guide
The reasons for using a high mileage engine oil can vary. Find out if you should switch to high mileage oils and whether they will benefit your engine.
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Bob Dylan was Right
Bob Dylan was Right
The times really are changing, and now is the time to shift your facility from reactive to proactive maintenance. Noria can design effective procedures for your team and help you implement change so you can improve faster.
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Limits for Storing Grease Onsite
     Question: How long should grease be stored onsite?
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Does My Facility Have the Right Food-Grade Lubricants?
Does My Facility Have the Right Food-Grade Lubricants?
If you work in the food processing industry, you need to know how the Food Safety Modernization Act impacts your lubrication program and the lubricants used. Our online Food Processing Equipment Lubrication course will help.
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Tips for Better Grease Lubrication
Tips for Better Grease Lubrication
Machine greasing should be a systematic and carefully planned process to ensure safe operation of assets and to attain maximum equipment life. These seven tips can help you achieve trouble-free grease lubrication.
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Continue Your Training Online
Continue Your Training Online
We realize schedules get hectic. That's why Noria offers Machinery Lubrication I online. This online training fits your schedule, allowing you to advance your skills anywhere and anytime.
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How Heat Affects Lubrication
From "Fundamentals of Fluid Film Lubrication":

At high rolling speeds, viscous shear heating can be very significant, which may result in a substantial reduction of the minimum film thickness in the contact. It can also reduce rolling friction and friction due to sliding when rolling is associated with sliding. A small percentage of sliding is always associated with rolling, and in gears, sliding can be quite high. It is therefore necessary to look into the thermal effect at high rolling speeds both in pure rolling and rolling with sliding.
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White Papers
•  Keeping your Lubrication Program in the Crosshairs
•  3 Approaches to Ultrasound Assisted Lubrication
•  5 Steps to Rid Your Lubricants of Contamination Stress
•  Global Filter Offers High-Capacity, High-Efficiency Filtration to Protect Mining Equipment
Explore Topics
•  Automatic Lubrication
•  Grease Guns
•  Fuel Dilution
•  Oil Flushing
•  Preventive Maintenance
•  Synthetic Lubricants
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