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April 08, 2020
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•  Control Contamination on a Budget
•  Developing a Reliability Culture
•  Effects of Overlubricated Bearings
•  Grease Gun Best Practices
•  Preventing Corrosion Problems
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Control Contamination on a Budget
In gearboxes where installing a filter is not within the budget and water condensation is not an issue, use a rubber balloon on the vents and breathers. It is inexpensive and keeps contaminants out without blocking ventilation in the gearboxes. Compatibility of the oil with the balloon should be checked in advance by soaking the balloon in the oil to be used. (Audrei Caroline Moron, NCH Corporation)
Join us in Houston, Texas, on May 19-21 for Machinery Lubrication I training.
Get a Grip on Contamination Problems
Get a Grip on Contamination Problems
The world’s leader in sight glass technology introduces the Hex-Duty Sight Glass. Stronger and more durable, with double the pressure rating at 400 psi. Easier installation, draining and disassembly, and another advance in visual oil inspection.
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Developing a Reliability Culture
Developing a Reliability Culture
For a successful lubrication program, you must develop and sustain a flourishing reliability culture. Find out what an effective approach will require and how you can address this often-overlooked aspect.
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Expert, beginner, in between? Meet your training needs.
Expert, beginner, in between? Meet your training needs.
Ensure your staff has mastered the basics or develop a team of experienced professionals for a world-class oil analysis program. Noria offers training and education for all of it.
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Effects of Overlubricated Bearings
     Question: What problems can occur when a bearing is lubricated with too much oil or grease?
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Identify What Needs to Change & How to Make it Happen
Identify What Needs to Change & How to Make it Happen
Good lubrication practices can save companies millions, but the specific changes needed aren’t always clear. Noria’s Lubrication Program Development includes everything from inspections to suggested equipment and procedures.
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Grease Gun Best Practices
Grease Gun Best Practices
It is essential that proper grease gun operation is understood and managed by lubrication technicians. Knowing the signs of overgreasing and undergreasing and how often to reapply can go a long way in extending machinery life.
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Continue Your Training Online
Continue Your Training Online
We realize schedules get hectic. That's why Noria offers Machinery Lubrication I online. This online training fits your schedule, allowing you to advance your skills anywhere and anytime.
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Preventing Corrosion Problems
From "Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting":

Many process units remain viable producers for more than 25 years. However, they usually have undergone a variety of changes over the years and also may simply be suffering from the ravages of time. For these general reasons, corrosion-related problems often begin to show up at these later stages of life. Can these be prevented? In most cases, yes, although sometimes it's too late when the failure occurs.
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White Papers
•  Airborne Ultrasound: Find-and-Fix Leaks
•  Strategies for Removing Water from Specialized Lubricants
•  How to Cost Justify a Lubrication Program
Explore Topics
•  Lubricant Storage And Handling
•  Compressor Lubrication
•  Filter Carts
•  Onsite Oil Analysis
•  Contamination Control
•  Bearing Lubrication
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Machinery Lubrication I
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