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March 31, 2021
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•  Hydraulic Systems and Fluid Selection
•  4 Steps to Diagnose Low System Pressure
•  How to Show the Value of a Lubrication Program
•  3 Engine Oil Sampling Methods
•  Lube Tip
•  Machinery Lubrication Magazine Archive
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Hydraulic Systems and Fluid Selection
Hydraulic Systems and Fluid Selection
When selecting a lubricant, consider the viscosity, seal compatibility, basestock and the additive package. Three common varieties of hydraulic fluids found on the market today are petroleum-based, water-based and synthetics.
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New Oil is Costing You
New Oil is Costing You
Typical new oils meet specs for performance and viscosity—but not cleanliness. That third spec is compromising your equipment and costing your business.
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4 Steps to Diagnose Low System Pressure
4 Steps to Diagnose Low System Pressure
Most hydraulic system failures can be classified as either a pressure problem or a volume problem. It normally is easy to tell which of these you are experiencing if you understand the difference between pressure and flow.
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Unseen Contamination Present in New, Refined Oils
Unseen Contamination Present in New, Refined Oils
Translucent new oil is visually assumed to be clean but many times contains more contamination than the existing oil being replaced. Find out why, plus the critical proactive maintenance step to assure the new oil is clean. 
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How to Show the Value of a Lubrication Program
How to Show the Value of a Lubrication Program
To sell an organization on the value a lubrication program can offer, it is important to translate the program into true value. However, you first must define what value is.
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The Titan delivers high flow rates with extended life. Our exclusive Dual Zone Microglass media provides greater filtration efficiency and increased dirt holding capacity.
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3 Engine Oil Sampling Methods
3 Engine Oil Sampling Methods
Three sampling procedures commonly associated with engine oil sampling include: sampling a pressurized line before the system filter, using a drop tube in the dipstick tube and procuring a sample midstream from a drain port while draining the engine.
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Better Than a Bull's-eye!
Better Than a Bull's-eye!
Most bull’s-eye level gauges confirm oil volume but don’t identify root causes and symptoms of machine failure. Luneta’s Condition Monitoring Pod™ allows early detection of abnormal machine and lubricant health conditions.
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Lube Tip
Be Careful With Brand Switching
“We recently installed a number of new vacuum pumps that were factory filled by the OEM with their own EP2 grease.  Since we have a contract with a major oil company to supply all our oil and grease we want to use the same EP2 grease we use for other equipment in the mill.  Is there any problem switching from the OEM EP2 grease to our lube suppliers product?”
Just like lubricating oils, extreme caution should be used when switching from one brand or type of grease to another.  With greases, the major concern should be with the compatibility of the soap thickener used for each brand of grease.  For example, certain types of greases that use calcium sulfonate soap thickeners should not be mixed with aluminum or polyurea based greases.  Doing so can result in either a thickening or thinning of the soap medium, or separation of the base oil from the grease.
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•  Global Filter Vessel & Filter
•  Hy-Pro Compact Offline Filter
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•  Bearing Lubrication
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•  Food Grade Lubricants
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•  The Cost Effective Benefits of a High Performance Kidney Loop System
•  Cement Industry Contamination Solutions
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