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April 28, 2021
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•  Unboxing: TTI PowerGuard Filter Elements
•  Common Causes of Machine Failures
•  Safely Extending PM Intervals
•  Best Ways to Combat Oil Gelation
•  Lube Tip
•  Machinery Lubrication Magazine Archive
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Unboxing: TTI PowerGuard Filter Elements
Unboxing: TTI PowerGuard Filter Elements
Proper contamination control is key to reliability, yet contaminants still end up in our lubricants. Filtration is an essential part of any quality lubrication program. In this video, Wes and Bennett take a look at an exciting new product from TTI, their PowerGuard filtration elements. 
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New Oil is Costing You
New Oil is Costing You
Typical new oils meet specs for performance and viscosity—but not cleanliness. That third spec is compromising your equipment and costing your business.
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Common Causes of Machine Failures
Common Causes of Machine Failures
Machines fail for a variety of reasons. Likewise, not all failures are the same. The term "machinery failure" or "malfunction" usually implies that the machine has stopped functioning the way in which it was intended or designed.
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Rapid On-site Testing Of Wear Metals In Oil, When You Need It
Rapid On-site Testing Of Wear Metals In Oil, When You Need It
The SpectrOil, a tried and true solution for military and commercial customers, has expanded applications and functionality to solve the toughest testing challenges. The SpectrOil 100 Series provides precise  immediate actionable results, saving time and reducing costs.
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Safely Extending PM Intervals
Safely Extending PM Intervals
There are many methods for safely extending intervals. Each depends on the exact PM task you are trying to extend, but at the core of most is oil analysis. Repeatable and representative oil samples are essential for evaluating the current practices and the possibility of extending those practices.
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Unseen Contamination Present in New, Refined Oils
Unseen Contamination Present in New, Refined Oils
Translucent new oil is visually assumed to be clean but many times contains more contamination than the existing oil being replaced. Find out why, plus the critical proactive maintenance step to assure the new oil is clean. 
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Best Ways to Combat Oil Gelation
Best Ways to Combat Oil Gelation
As oil breaks down, a variety of issues can arise, including gelation. This is when the oil is no longer fluid and resists flow. By understanding what causes gelation and which oils are most prone to this process, you can help to prevent failure and ensure your equipment will run efficiently
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Fight Leaks with Mystik JT-9™ LeakShield® AW
Fight Leaks with Mystik JT-9™ LeakShield® AW
Mystik JT-9™ LeakShield® AW Hydraulic Oil helps users minimize leaks at the onset. This green dye formula helps with  quick identification of external leaks for prompt remedial action. This premium quality anti-wear, anti-leak and anti-foam hydraulic oil is formulated for modern industrial and mobile hydraulic systems.
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Lube Tip
Checklist for troubleshooting foaming and aeration of lubricating oils:
  • Ensure there are no leaks introducing air into the oil on the suction side of the circulating pump.
  • Improper oil viscosity (especially higher viscosity) can increase the risk of foaming.
  • Outside contaminants such as grease, dust or moisture can retard air release from oil.
  • Provide maximum separation of the suction and return lines to give air a chance to separate from the oil. Tank baffles provide further help.
  • Be sure that the oil return line is below the oil surface in the reservoir. If it is above the oil level, oil could splash into the tank putting air into the system.
  • Ensure that there is adequate residence time of the oil in the reservoir to allow the air to release.
  • Consider employing a diffuser on the return line to allow oil to "ooze" into the tank, reducing agitation.
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•  Global Filter Vessel & Filter
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