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October 13, 2021
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•  5 Ways to Reduce Lubricant Spending
•  Hydraulic Pressure vs. Flow: Understanding the Difference
•  Lip Seals - A Practical Guide
•  Lube Tip
•  Machinery Lubrication Magazine Archive
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5 Ways to Reduce Lubricant Spending
5 Ways to Reduce Lubricant Spending
Lubricant procurement is not the largest expenditure in a typical maintenance budget. However, it is viewed as a real, tangible expense that is frequently targeted for cost reduction. When it comes to lubricants, it is unwise to pretend to save money by “buying cheap.”
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Introducing LPS® MAX
Introducing LPS® MAX
LPS® is evolving with LPS® MAX; a new line of MRO lubricants, degreasers, and electronic cleaners that are safe, efficient, and sustainable. Simply put, it’s MAXimum control, MAXimum application and MAXimum performance.
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Hydraulic Pressure vs. Flow: Understanding the Difference
Hydraulic Pressure vs. Flow: Understanding the Difference
If I had to pick a single concept that keeps most parts changers from becoming troubleshooters, it would be the failure to understand the difference between pressure and flow. It is not uncommon to hear the terms used interchangeably, as though they are synonyms. They aren’t.
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Immediate, Actionable Results to Determine Machinery Health
Immediate, Actionable Results to Determine Machinery Health
On-site oil analysis quickly delivers early indications of equipment wear and identifies the root causes of corrosion.  The MiniLab Series comprehensive analyzer offers lab-quality oil analysis at your work site in minutes, with an easy workflow for the non-expert user (no chemist required).  
Lip Seals - A Practical Guide
Lip Seals - A Practical Guide
Maintaining functional lip seals begins with the selection process. When choosing a material, you must consider the operating temperature, the lubricant in use and the application.
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Unseen Contamination Present in New, Refined Oils
Unseen Contamination Present in New, Refined Oils
Translucent new oil is visually assumed to be clean but many times contains more contamination than the existing oil being replaced. Find out why, plus the critical proactive maintenance step to assure the new oil is clean. 
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Lube Tip
Excessive bearing vibration can have the same effect as irregular regreasing of bearing contact surfaces. It typically causes the grease to be broken down into the oil and the thickener, that is, the oil separates from the thickener. 

It is good practice to select greases which are suitable for vibratory conditions (your local lubricant supplier can advise you of suitable products) and to lubricate the bearings at short intervals--perhaps as frequently as weekly depending on bearing size, speed and operating conditions.
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•  AMETEK Spectro Scientific SpectrOil 120
Explore Topics
•  Energy Management
•  Viscosity
•  Onsite Oil Analysis
•  Synthetic Lubricants
•  Wear Debris Analysis
•  Automatic Lubrication
White Papers
•  Keeping your Lubrication Program in the Crosshairs
•  Overview of Rotating Disc Electrode (RDE) Optical Emission Spectroscopy for In-Service Oil Analysis
•  7 Tips for Using Offline Filters
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