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Digital Edition: January 2019
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Dispelling Industry 4.0 Myths
As we enter the era of Industry 4.0, manufacturers should be prepared to witness significant changes to their production facilities. This article will dispel some common misconceptions about implementing smart manufacturing.
In This Issue
•  How to Optimize Manufacturing
•  Changing to Proactive Maintenance
•  Safety Tips for Working at Heights
•  Tracking Component Failure Causes
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How to Optimize Manufacturing
How to Optimize Manufacturing
Statistical process control (SPC) is the gold standard of quality control because it helps manufacturers maximize production with minimal waste and rework. These guidelines can help manufacturers make the best use of SPC.
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Claim Early-Bird Pricing for Reliable Plant 2019
Claim Early-Bird Pricing for Reliable Plant 2019
Reliable Plant Conference & Exhibition will mark its 20th anniversary April 16-18, 2019, in Cleveland, Ohio. To celebrate, we're offering $400 off registration, but hurry! This offer ends at 11:59 p.m. (CST) on Jan. 16, 2018.
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Changing to Proactive Maintenance
Changing to Proactive Maintenance
Changing from reactive to proactive maintenance requires a different way of thinking, executing and managing. When designed, implemented and managed effectively, proactive maintenance results in optimal asset reliability at optimal cost.
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Think You Are the Synthetics Expert?
Think You Are the Synthetics Expert?
Just like the Bermuda Triangle, synthetic lubricants are a bit mysterious. There are only a few universal truths about them. Chief among them is the high cost. What are some benefits of synthetics that help justify the cost?
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Safety Tips for Working at Heights
Safety Tips for Working at Heights
Research shows that far too many people hurt themselves because of their work on ladders, rooftops or other spots above the ground. Follow these tips to minimize the harm from height-related workplace issues.
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Does My Facility Have the Right Food-Grade Lubricants?
Does My Facility Have the Right Food-Grade Lubricants?
If you work in the food processing industry, you need to know how the Food Safety Modernization Act impacts your lubrication program and the lubricants used. Our online Food Processing Equipment Lubrication course will help.
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Tracking Component Failure Causes
From "Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting":

Machinery maintenance in process plants uncovers a seemingly endless variety of lubricated component failures. Frequently it appears that the lubricant or the lubrication mechanism contributed to these defects and failures. A closer look, however, often reveals that the lubricant is seldom at fault if good lubrication practices have been observed.
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Get a Leg Up in Oil Analysis
Get a Leg Up in Oil Analysis
Rather than trying to decipher lab results, let them confirm what you already know from your own analysis. Oil Analysis II helps you identify particles and contaminants in your oil and pinpoint problems deep in your machines.
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White Papers
•  Winning the War on Water Contamination
•  How to Cost Justify a Lubrication Program
Explore Topics
•  Predictive Maintenance
•  Energy Management
•  Talent Management
•  Continuous Improvement
•  Alignment And Balancing
•  Value Stream Mapping
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