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Digital Edition: February 2019
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Buy New Equipment or Rebuild? How to Decide
There comes a time when every maintenance organization must decide whether to rebuild or buy new equipment. Most companies don't understand all the variables involved. Learn a systematic approach for better decision-making.
In This Issue
•  Optimizing Material Management
•  How to Measure Bearing Run-out
•  Why Hydraulic Oil Changes Color
•  Strategies for Replacing Equipment
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Optimizing Material Management
Optimizing Material Management
Effective data management is the only way to deal with the challenge of unique part numbers within a plant. Gain insights into proper data collection and analysis that can help optimize your company's market competitiveness.
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The Hub: A Multiport Adapter for All Machines
The Hub: A Multiport Adapter for All Machines
Looking for a safe and easy way to pull oil samples, attach quick-connects or monitor oil conditions from machine drain ports? Sounds like you need Luneta's Hub: a multiport adapter for all machines.
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How to Measure Bearing Run-out
How to Measure Bearing Run-out
Efficiency and precision are essential elements in most mechanical systems. For this reason, bearing run-out is key to keeping your systems running the way they were intended.
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Studying for Certification? We Have You Covered!
Studying for Certification? We Have You Covered!
The right tools for the right job is critical in every aspect of life. Noria's Level I MLT/Level I MLA Study Pack contains all the essential tools you need to prepare for both ICML Level I MLA and MLT certifications.
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Why Hydraulic Oil Changes Color
Why Hydraulic Oil Changes Color
When oil turns from a golden honey color to a dark brown, does that mean it must be changed? Find out when a color change indicates the system is suffering from lost lubricating properties and when it is just part of the normal aging process.
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Machine Failure Is Not an Option
Machine Failure Is Not an Option
Machine and lubricant failures – those are dreaded words, but Noria has a remedy. With our trusted Failure Investigation Services, we can identify the cause to enable a complete solution.
Stop Machine Failure
Strategies for Replacing Equipment
From "Maintenance, Replacement and Reliability: Theory and Applications, Second Edition":

In some cases, say, due to difficulties in determining costs or the desire to get maximum throughput or utilization of equipment, the replacement policy required may be one that minimizes total downtime per unit time or, equivalently, maximizes availability. As the preventive replacement frequency increases, there is an increase in downtime due to these replacements, but a consequence of this is a reduction of downtime due to failure replacements.
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Better Troubleshooting in Machinery Lubrication II
Better Troubleshooting in Machinery Lubrication II
Want data-informed decisions or better condition-based monitoring? Expanding on concepts introduced in Machinery Lubrication I, Machinery Lubrication II has everything you need to troubleshoot failures before they happen.
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White Papers
•  100 Failure Modes of Lubrication
•  Winning the War on Water Contamination
•  How to Cost Justify a Lubrication Program
Explore Topics
•  Reliability-Centered Maintenance
•  Ultrasonic Inspection
•  Overall Equipment Effectiveness
•  Lockout-Tagout
•  Workplace Safety
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