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Digital Edition: February 2020
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Autonomous Maintenance: What It Is and Why It Matters
Autonomous maintenance is a strategy where machine operators continuously monitor their equipment, make adjustments and perform minor maintenance on their machines. Discover how to implement and sustain autonomous maintenance, as well as the benefits of this strategy.
In This Issue
•  MTTR Explained
•  2 Essentials for IIoT Success
•  How to Prevent Machine Failures
•  Why Lube Oil Should Be Purified
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MTTR Explained
MTTR Explained
Mean time to repair (MTTR) is a metric used by maintenance departments to measure the average time needed to determine the cause of and fix failed equipment. Learn how you can calculate and improve your MTTR.
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Expand Your Oil Analysis Skills
Expand Your Oil Analysis Skills
Ready to learn about contamination control and comprehensive oil analysis? Register for Noria's upcoming Oil Analysis II (OA II ) training course in Atlanta and become your facility's oil analysis expert!
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2 Essentials for IIoT Success
2 Essentials for IIoT Success
For any smart technology like the industrial internet of things (IIoT) to truly transform your plant, your operation must have two things: tech-savvy talent and a culture that encourages employee innovation and change.
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Ditch Reactive "Band-Aid" Maintenance Once and For All
Ditch Reactive
Shifting from reactive to proactive maintenance takes tremendous time and effort if you try to go it alone. Noria can design effective procedures for your team in a matter of weeks and help you implement and improve faster.
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How to Prevent Machine Failures
How to Prevent Machine Failures
Today's proactive maintenance measures combine the wisdom of a back-to-basics approach with breakthrough technologies. Find out how to incorporate them into your maintenance program for better uptime, productivity and cost savings.
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Have You Explored the Noria Academy App?
Have You Explored the Noria Academy App?
Designed to increase knowledge retention and create an innovative student experience, the Noria Academy app has all the tools for certification preparation. Get the app today with purchase of any Noria certification course.
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Why Lube Oil Should Be Purified
From "Machinery Failure Analysis and Troubleshooting":

In the past two decades, the benefits of oil purification have been viewed primarily in the areas of reducing oil consumption and improving machinery reliability, thereby contributing to plant operating cost reduction. While these benefits are self-evident, it is becoming increasingly important to focus on methods of reducing plant emissions.
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