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Digital Edition: April 2020
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Breaking Down Condition Monitoring
Condition monitoring is the measuring of specific equipment parameters, noting signs of any significant changes that could be indicative of an impending failure. Learn the different condition monitoring types and techniques, the benefits and drawbacks, and more.
In This Issue
•  FRACAS: What You Should Know
•  3 Keys for Implementing the IIoT
•  Overcoming Cold Machine Starts
•  How Heat Affects Lubrication
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FRACAS: What You Should Know
FRACAS: What You Should Know
Discover how a failure reporting, analysis and corrective action system (FRACAS) can give organizations a way to report, classify and analyze failures, as well as plan corrective reactions in response to those failures.
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SDT340 Ultrasound Bearing Condition Monitoring and More!
SDT340 Ultrasound Bearing Condition Monitoring and More!
Trend and analyze bearing condition by viewing ultrasound and vibration signals directly on the SDT340 plus detect air and steam leaks, electrical faults and other mechanical inspections.
#HearMore from LUDECA
3 Keys for Implementing the IIoT
3 Keys for Implementing the IIoT
Digitalization can dramatically improve maintenance with data analytics, predictive maintenance, artificial intelligence and connected infrastructure, but figuring out where to start can be the most difficult part of the process.
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Experience Bourbon Country at Reliable Plant 2020
Experience Bourbon Country at Reliable Plant 2020
Join us for a true taste of Bourbon Country with a behind-the-scenes tour of the Jim Beam American Stillhouse. Participants will enjoy premium whiskey tasting, bourbon-infused BBQ and the chance to personally bottle bourbon.
Explore the Jim Beam Tour
Overcoming Cold Machine Starts
Overcoming Cold Machine Starts
Temperature has an inverse correlation to a lubricant's viscosity. By becoming aware of the effects that temperature can have on lubricants, you can better understand how a machine could fail and prevent future failures.
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Don't Miss the Boat at Reliable Plant 2020
Don't Miss the Boat at Reliable Plant 2020
Get ready for something truly special at Reliable Plant 2020, as attendees will enjoy a scenic river cruise onboard the Belle of Louisville for the Wednesday night reception. The cruise is free, but registration is required.
Let's Cruise the Ohio
How Heat Affects Lubrication
From "Fundamentals of Fluid Film Lubrication":

At high rolling speeds, viscous shear heating can be very significant, which may result in a substantial reduction of the minimum film thickness in the contact. It can also reduce rolling friction and friction due to sliding when rolling is associated with sliding. A small percentage of sliding is always associated with rolling, and in gears, sliding can be quite high. It is therefore necessary to look into the thermal effect at high rolling speeds both in pure rolling and rolling with sliding.
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Ditch Reactive "Band-Aid" Maintenance Once and For All
Ditch Reactive
Shifting from reactive to proactive maintenance takes tremendous time and effort if you try to go it alone. Noria can design effective procedures for your team in a matter of weeks and help you implement and improve faster.
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White Papers
•  Simplified Universal Marshalling: Its Evolution and Benefits
•  The Cost Effective Benefits of a High Performance Kidney Loop System
•  Ultrasound Lube Technician Handbook
Explore Topics
•  Condition Monitoring
•  Motors
•  Lean Manufacturing
•  Total Productive Maintenance
•  Vibration Analysis
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