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August 11, 2021
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•  Why Improvement Efforts Fail
•  Introducing LPS® MAX
•  How to Create an Effective Maintenance Planning and Storeroom Partnership
•  Better Than a Bull's-eye!
•  The 5 Whys Method: Getting to the Root Cause Quickly
•  LubePM: Your Digital Lubrication Expert
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Why Improvement Efforts Fail
Why Improvement Efforts Fail
Why do improvement efforts fail or perhaps not sustain the recent gains? There are many reasons, but those most often stated are "lack of commitment" and not "following the process." But why is there lack of commitment, and why aren't processes followed? Here are a few of the most common reasons.
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Introducing LPS® MAX
Introducing LPS® MAX
LPS® is evolving with LPS® MAX; a new line of MRO lubricants, degreasers, and electronic cleaners that are safe, efficient, and sustainable. Simply put, it’s MAXimum control, MAXimum application and MAXimum performance.
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How to Create an Effective Maintenance Planning and Storeroom Partnership
How to Create an Effective Maintenance Planning and Storeroom Partnership
Without effective planning, maintenance storerooms see erratic parts usage, leading to increased safety stock levels, higher costs and frustrations. Let's discuss how to create a partnership where maintenance planning intersects with the storeroom.
Improve My Maintenance Storeroom
Better Than a Bull's-eye!
 Better Than a Bull's-eye!
Most bull’s-eye level gauges confirm oil volume but don’t identify root causes and symptoms of machine failure. Luneta’s Condition Monitoring Pod™ allows early detection of abnormal machine and lubricant health conditions.
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The 5 Whys Method: Getting to the Root Cause Quickly
The 5 Whys Method: Getting to the Root Cause Quickly
The 5 Whys tool is the straightforward process of asking "why?" in an interrogative fashion to get to the root cause of a specific problem. This technique helps you dive into and discover how smaller issues have an underlying cause-and-effect correlation to a root cause. 
Show Me The 5 Whys
LubePM: Your Digital Lubrication Expert
LubePM: Your Digital Lubrication Expert
LubePM is more than a lubrication management system. It's a lubrication program expert available to you 24/7 with both an online platform and a companion mobile app to help you and your team stay on the same page from anywhere.
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Featured Videos
•  TTI PowerGuard Housings
•  AMETEK Spectro Scientific SpectrOil 120
•  TTI PowerGuard Filter Elements
•  perma ULTRA Automatic Lubrication System
Explore Topics
•  Gear Lubrication
•  Bearings
•  Business Management
•  Workplace Safety
•  Condition Monitoring
•  Filter Carts
White Papers
•  Overview of Rotating Disc Electrode (RDE) Optical Emission Spectroscopy for In-Service Oil Analysis
•  Beyond Training: Closing the Skilled Labor Gap
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