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July 21, 2021
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•  Whitepaper: How to Fight Contamination with Better Filtration Choices
•  Why Clear and Bright Oil Samples Are Not Good Enough
•  How to Get the Resources You Need for Lubrication Tasks
•  Determining Oil Evaporation Loss
•  Lube Tip
•  Machinery Lubrication Magazine Archive
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Whitepaper: How to Fight Contamination with Better Filtration Choices
Whitepaper: How to Fight Contamination with Better Filtration Choices
Most of the wear that a machine endures during its lifespan comes by way of particle contamination. Through a machine’s life, particles are ingested, generated, or built-in. But no matter how they get there, particles cause a variety of problems for lubricants and machines alike.
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New Oil is Costing You
New Oil is Costing You
Typical new oils meet specs for performance and viscosity—but not cleanliness. That third spec is compromising your equipment and costing your business.
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Why Clear and Bright Oil Samples Are Not Good Enough
Why Clear and Bright Oil Samples Are Not Good Enough
Particles that cause the majority of damage in equipment are smaller than can be seen with the naked eye, and lube oils can contain up to 0.1 percent water and still be “bright.” Keep in mind that at 0.1 percent water, 75 percent of the bearing’s life may have been lost.
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Keep Equipment Running and Downtime Down
Keep Equipment Running and Downtime Down
With Schaeffer’s hydraulic fluids, you decide when to stop working—not your equipment. Our hydraulic fluids reduce friction, maintain viscosity and dissipate heat, allowing your equipment to run cooler and longer.
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How to Get the Resources You Need for Lubrication Tasks
How to Get the Resources You Need for Lubrication Tasks
Staffing is becoming more of an issue with the retiring of the baby boomer generation. The skills gap continues to widen with fewer craftspeople available and the push for the next generation to work in white-collar careers. This issue is not just impacting maintenance and reliability departments but also operations and industrial workers in general. 
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Over 500,000 Filter Upgrades
Over 500,000 Filter Upgrades
Achieve and sustain World Class fluid cleanliness with Hy-Pro filters. Cut your overall filter costs and reduce down time.
Hy-Pro offers the world’s largest selection of critical filter elements. We’ll prove it!
Determining Oil Evaporation Loss
Determining Oil Evaporation Loss
All oils are subject to evaporation loss, some more so than others. In certain circumstances, this can have disastrous effects on your equipment. One way to determine the evaporation loss of engine oils is with the Noack volatility test (ASTM D-5800).
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TTI Has A New Product Line: PowerGuard Elements
• Beta 1000 (99.9%) retention performance (per ISO 16889)
• Dual-phase, microglass media is used throughout the PowerGuard line 
• Excellent dirt-holding capacity
• Standard lead time is 10 business days!
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Lube Tip
There are several suppliers of special adsorbents that can be used to remove acids from used oil. These powder-like materials, sold in bulk or cartridges, have the ability to selectively strip acids from partially oxidized oils. For instance, a used turbine oil with an acid number of 0.6 can be brought back to a level below 0.1 (near the original, new-oil level) using these materials.

Commonly used adsorbents include fuller's earth and activated alumina; ion exchange resins can also be used for this purpose. There are certain risks and disadvantages to reclaiming used oil in this way, including possible depletion of certain additives and the migrating of minerals from the adsorbent into the oil.
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•  How to Cost Justify a Lubrication Program
•  Keeping your Lubrication Program in the Crosshairs
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